We have carefully selected a great range of Christmas ideas between the age of 5-7yrs lunch box - you can not go wrong with our popular BBox. Can fit whole fruit such as apple or banana. Also include an ice pack to keep your lunchbox cool throughout summer. Easy to clean with all compartments can be removed. 

MontiiCo insulated bags - to compliment your bbox these insulated bags fit the lunchbox perfectly. With cool designs it will be hard to pick the right one.

Lunchpunch cutter - a great way to encourage your kids to eat their lunch. So many designs to choose from.

Honeysticks bath crayons - need your kids entertained during bath time, then these bath crayons are for you. Easy to clean up once on tiles and bath you will struggle to get them out with endless fun in the bath.

Ro-sham-bo - bendable, durable sunnies that are cool and stylish but will also protect Little eyes from the sun.